Please complete the ONLINE application. This is the ONLY way to reserve your campsite for  ANY or ALL races. 

Any Questions call or text Sarah @ 319-430-3853 (leave a message if she doesn’t answer)

Click here to complete an “Camping Application”

    • If you are a returning camper and would like to request the same spot as in 2019 FALL BASH. Please fill out the form completely, so we can work with you. (This is NOT GUARANTEED no matter when you apply.)

When filling out the online application, you need to mark ALL races that you wish to have a campsite.

No reservation is locked in until we have your payment. Prices are set up by EVENT – not by night. (There is a $3.00 processing fee.) NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT NEEDED.


Spring Fling Only

Memorial Race Only

Fall Bash Only

Spring Fling and Fall Bash Only


Payments will be REFUNDED ONLY if Darkside Cancels the event and you have not already checked in on the fairgrounds. You may sell your spots. (Please let us know if you do so at by emailing us at cedarcountyfairweb@gmail.com)

Cedar Co. Fairground Rules for ALL CAMPING EVENTS:

Fires may be in OFF THE GROUND FIRE PITS ONLY. (If you do not play by these rules you will not be allowed to camp again at the fairgrounds for any events.

  • All golf-carts and ATV’s outside of the pits will need to have a PERMIT. ($10 per sticker)
  • One vehicle next to your camper, all other vehicles will need to be parked in the designated parking area. 
  • Campers will be allowed 1 tent UNDER the awning of the camper, please be respectful of your neighbors.

Camping dates: (move in and check out)

  • Spring Fling: April 10th – 11th
      • Move in: April 9th between 3 pm and 9 pm and Friday 8 am – Noon ONLY
      • Move Out: No later than Noon on Sunday, April 12th.
  • Memorial Race: July 31
      • Move in on Friday, July 31st by Noon.
      • Move Out: No later than Noon on Saturday, July 30th.
  • Fall Bash: October 1st, 2nd and 3rd
      • Move In: The earliest is Wednesday, September 30th 3 pm and 9 pm and Thursday 8 am – Noon ONLY
      • Move Out: No later than Noon on Sunday, October 7th.