Welcome to Floral Hall!

The unique hexagonal-shaped building is located near the east entrance to the Fair. There is no charge to exhibit items at Floral Hall and premiums are paid for 1st and 2nd place items in the following areas: wine & beer making, pantry (baked and canned goods), arts & crafts, photography, sewing & quilts, antiques, fruits & vegetables and flowers.

Floral Hall is open daily 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM, with the exception of a new
“Early Arrivals” on Wednesday and Thursday am from 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
(for those who can’t be there after 8:00 AM.)

Thank you Pam Hartwig for being the 2017 Floral Hall Events Chairperson.

New this year:

“Flower arrangement workshop for kids and adults”
Wednesday – 3:00 pm in Floral Hall

Family Day will be at the Cedar County Fairgrounds on Sunday! A discounted price to get onto the grounds will be only $5.00 for adults and children under 12 FREE.

All exhibitors will be given a “Exhibitors Pass” to be used ONLY on Sunday after 2:00 pm to be able to pick up your exhibits. The “Exhibitors Pass” will be given to you when you drop off your exhibits.Pantry Stores

Attached is the complete version of the new 2017 Floral Hall Fair Book.  (The new 2017 4-H/FFA and Open Show Book has a separate book.)

Thank you for your patience.


2017 Cedar County Floral Hall Fair Book

Floral Hall Schedule

Floral Hall Entry Requirements

Pantry Store

Sewing and Handwork

Arts and Crafts (Jr. & Adults)



Vegetables and Fruit

Wine Making

Beer Making