How to Rent The Cedar County Raceway:
Do you want to try your new car out, do multiple set ups or just need seat time, we have the track for you!


The person that books the track is responsible for payment. So make sure your guys will show up!

The fee is $100 per car.

Weekends/Holidays $150 per car.

Money is to be paid before practice starts.

  • MAKE SURE YOUR LUG NUTS ARE TIGHT!!!!!!! (We have had several cars lose wheels with one hitting a car on the highway.)
    • If this happens you are out of here with no return EVER for practice!!!
  • Car & crew only in the infield.
    • (Anyone that comes with you can watch from the back stretch or grandstands)
  • No personal vehicles in infield.
  • One car on the track at a time
  • You will enter & exit the track on the back
  • When you are ready to go, pull up to the back stretch so the car on the track can see you
  • Standard is 3 to 5 laps & pull off track
  • When you see a car waiting, finish your laps and get off the track. If no one is waiting you can run all you want, but as soon as they pull up - you exit.
  • If you are here just to make laps you must be courteous to the other cars that are doing set-ups.

 No drinking while practice is going on.

Please pick your garbage up before you leave.

To book the Racetrack:
Contact: Fair Board Member – Kathy Dlouhy
Phone: 563-889-2826
Facebook: Kathy Dlouhy