We would like to invite you to join the Cedar County Fair Association. Please read the qualifications and complete the form attached.

2018 Association Membership applications must be completed and payment made prior to September 4th, 2018.

Per Section 3.1 of the Bylaws:  Admission of members:  Any person, who is of legal age, who consents to be a member of this corporation, who has paid the membership dues in the amount of $50.00 prior to the record date, and with the existing members approval will be admitted as a member of the corporation.  The membership dues of $50.00 paid, allows the member to have a membership in the corporation for life, unless they resign or their membership is suspended or terminated.  Members may purchase two (2) memberships, maximum. ($100)

Per Section 3.3 of the Bylaws:  Voting rights of the members:  Each member has one vote per membership.

Per Section 3.4 of the Bylaws:  Transfers:  Memberships are not transferable or assignable or any right arising therefrom.

Per Section 3.5 of the Bylaws:  Members liability:  Members of the corporation are not liable for the acts,, debts, liabilities or obligations of the corporation.


  • No refunds will be made to partners after 15 days of receiving membership dues.
  • Notification of refund request must be done via phone message 563-886-6170 or email thecedarcountyfair@gmail.com
  • Refunds will be sent via check within 2 weeks of notification of refund request.



Online Application for Association Membership


PAYING: for your Association Membership – Online

ONE ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP – Online Payment Option- $50.00 ($1.00 online fee)

TWO ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP – Online Payment Option – $100.00 ($1.00 online fee)

****Credit card payment is secured with PayPal.